TWD: Bagels

Oh hey guys, what up? Thought I left yah hanging with no post last week huh? Well I’m back! And with a vengeance, making bagels for TWD. Sure I missed all last month with TWD but hey, why not come back in style with some serious yeast dough action.

So obviously being a New Yorker I have some serious opinions on bagels. I have my favorite spot, and my favorite schmear, and I won’t trust anyone else’s opinion. End.of.story.

I actually have two favorite spots. One is in my hometown and the other is in my new ‘hood.

The place back home is called Steve’s Bagels. It used to be run by a friend’s dad, but has since been sold. Luckily, it hasn’t changed a bit. Steve’s introduced to me the idea of flavored cream cheese spreads. Oh the novelty! I don’t think I got any more creative than veggie. But whatever.

Some poppy seed action.

My new spot is here in Astoria. It’s ironically called Brooklyn Bagels. I’m not sure why. Their logo is actually a little disturbing. It’s supposed to be two hands working a rope of dough; except to me it looks like two hands holding the intestines on either side of the stomach.

Yah see it now? You’re welcome.

Aren’t you glad I pointed that out? I thought so.

Anyway. Bagels are pretty easy to make actually. It’s probably only about an hour or so of actual hands on time, and most of that is shaping the dough and waiting for it to boil. That being said, it doesn’t mean it’s not tedious. Because it totally is.

And here’s the thing. They’re delicious, I won’t deny it. But honestly, when I want a bagel, I don’t want 10. And furthermore, if I want a bagel, I want a fresh bagel.  So I’ll pop down to my local bagel shop, that handmakes them also, and get 1 fresh bagel. Because even if I make 10 fresh bagels, sure they can keep in the freezer for a month, at the end of the day I’m still thawing out a bagel and it’s going to have that freezer tinge.

Sweet peppery, cheesy love.

So here’s my two cents: if you live in an area where the only “good” bagels come from a place like Stop ‘n’ Shop or Dunkin Donuts, bust out your stand mixer and block off your afternoon. You want these bagels. But if you live in a place like New York, where you can’t swing a hipster without hitting a bagel shop that handmakes their own bagels, this recipe really isn’t worth it. Unless you’re one of those annoying hipsters that likes to lord your culinary prowess over your friends – then by all means. Have at it.

This week’s host is Heather of Heather’s Bytes. You can find the recipe there. Or you can buy the book Baking with Julia and get all the awesome recipes. It gives you the base for the bagel dough so you can top it with whatever you want. I chose to make a poppy seed variety, and a parmesan and cracked pepper variety. I think the cheesy ones won out. And be sure to check out all the other bakers this week at Tuesday’s with Dorie.

8 thoughts on “TWD: Bagels

  1. Maybe there’s a lot of fiber in their bagels and they want to show you how well their bagels will improve your digestive tract.
    Your bagels look beautiful and yes, I think cheese will always conquer. No matter what. Because cheese is awesome.

  2. You made me so laugh… :”intestines”! I have to admit that at first sight, I saw “dough”,…but now, I only see intestines! well, well, well!

    Sorry I’m late!
    I’ve just started this delicious „tour des blogs“ to see how the 85 bagels turned out, and yours looks delicious! It’s a great idea to add cheese as topping.
    I had great fun making and bathing and baking them and will remake them for sure.
    It was a premiere for me: eating and baking (they are still a bit exotic, here in Switzerland).
    We have a bread called “Sils Bread” and it’s also boiled in baking soda (much more baking soda) but are quite salty.

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